for your business.

We develop custom applications for companies (enterprise) that can be used by one or more users, internal and / or external to the organization, created and managed with advanced technologies, internationally recognized.
The applications are structured on different levels that are functionally and conceptually separated into profiles for accessing the database, business services and user interface.

Analysis and design

We use MockFlow as a modeling tool with which it is possible to create a prototype of dynamic and clickable interfaces. This allows us, on the basis of the collected requirements, to show a first draft of the product and to be able to build the workflow "four hands". A common work plan, which allows us to immediately enter into business ideas and the customer to identify with the finished product.


Development methodologies

We value and value the agile software development methodology. Where the work team is competent, independent and focused on the project, therefore of high quality and availability of the people involved.
We give particular value to human relationships in the work group, but above all with the customer. Communication between all actors to keep the development process aligned with the business vision.

Innovative technologies

Constantly updated, we always offer our customers innovative technologies.
We use JEE, Hibernate, JPA, GraphQL for data access and GWT (Google Web Toolkit), HTML5 (AngulaJS) for desktop and mobile user interface.


Sharing and control of the development process

All our projects are managed and monitored through the Asana and Toggl tools, which provide us with detailed information on the employment of our team and help us optimize our work.
Being transparent and respectful, sharing this information, is the only way to gain and build trust.
The customer has free access to the information and the material produced up to that time.


IT technology and patient-oriented innovation

Solhea was born as an innovative startup active in the research, development and sale of software in the clinical field. In particular, innovation is aimed at developing a "smart" platform to support anticoagulated patients.

Our experience

Our staff and our partners have a long experience in software solutions, in the Management and Organizational fields aimed at Health.
We design and implement important tailor-made projects for the management and control of diagnosis and treatment processes. We offer our experience and knowledge, management skills and methodologies.


Are you thinking of an App for your business?

Having a mobile application for your business or your business means being updated on existing digital tools. An App is an authentic business card, it can help you improve the relationship with your customers and simplify your activities and the purchase of your products.

Sitting by your side.

We realize your ideas. We listen to your needs and are attentive to achieving your goals.
We design with you the application, we analyze the graphical interface, we study the usability and we realize your application.


We develop mobile applications with multi-platform technologies.

We use innovative technologies for a hybrid development approach. What does it mean? Develop only once, reducing time and costs. Get an app to use on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This approach makes it possible to save between 75-80% compared to native development, guaranteeing the desired result in the same way.

We make your business public

Does your app have a private or public use?
There are no problems, we help you put it on the App Store and make it accessible to your employees or the general public.
And if you feel it necessary, we can also support you in the promotional activities for the launch and subsequent visibility of your App.


What is User Experience (UX)?

The emotions and feelings that people experience and live during their experience and involvement in using, in this case, an application.
We pay particular attention to the analysis and study of UX, to optimize our solutions for an effective and pleasant use.

The importance of the
User Interface (UI)

The UI is the complement. Attention to appearance, presentation and interactivity with the product.
We design with unique attention the user interfaces, that is what stands between the user and the program.


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