Why not! ; - )

We are a team of specialists, young and dynamic. Our decades of experience allows us to support our customers and be a reference point in the development of IT solutions in step with current technologies.

Is the experience really important?
Yes! Why?

Because experience is knowledge not only of the means or technologies used, but above all in accompanying the client to make the right decisions and support him in achieving the objectives. Experience from the right sensitivity in project management, the immediate perception of situations.


  • Solhea a beautiful reality, young, fresh and dynamic. A team of specialists and professionals always available and close with whom I actively collaborate, for the development of our software solutions

    Corrado Ganis CEO of EDP PROGETTI
  • I met Carlo a few years ago, on the occasion of a collaboration. Today, as well as friends, I am important and active professionals supporting my business.

    Alessandro Fantini CEO of EXPRIT

WHY choose US?
For quality at the right price

We use the latest generation methods and technologies to always guarantee a high quality service and products. We use specific products ( MockFlow , Asana , Toogl ) to plan, manage and monitor our activities in order to offer the most suitable solution to the needs of the individual customer and at the right price.


Experience of use (UX) and usability (UI) to meet your specific needs.

Not just developers. Solhea pays particular attention to all aspects concerning the usability of its systems, involving in its own development staff also professional figures called to analyze the real needs of those who use a product, a system or a service.