Solhea is a software development company specializing in the Healthcare sector and in Digital Transformation solutions.


Quality first of all

We have consolidated experience in all fields of IT development, user experience and project management. We offer 360-degree consultancy to achieve your goals and give greater value to the final solution.

E2E partners
Partner end-to-end

From understanding your business needs to getting the final solution to market

Modern technology
Modern technology

We only choose fast and security technologies

Modern technology
Downloadable solutions

Our solutions are ready to manage your growth

Modern technology
Monitoring & transparency

We handle bugs and difficulties, to allow you to focus 100% on your business

Solhea is Agile & ISO Certified

Our software production flows are designed to increase business value, reduce risk, ensure adaptability and product quality for maximum consumer satisfaction

Production life cycle Production life cycle


Gitlab Management tool

Not just a repository for our projects, but an important tool for quality purposes. Used by our team for project sharing, release, test and publication management.

Invision Management tool

A powerful tool for designing and prototyping websites and mobile that allows you to share the phases of UX / UI with customers quickly and easily. Gathering feedback and comments quickly.

Jira Management tool

A valid help in the management of our projects. Not only for the collection and monitoring of bugs and tickets, but for the entire management of work, requirements and test cases, for an Agile software development


Google firebase Development tool

We mainly use Firebase as our back end platform. It offers automatic scaling, guarantee of continuity and security for our data. In addition to this, many other services to support our platforms.

Angular Development tool

We mainly develop in Angular, a powerful open source framework for mobile and desktop applications. To offer our customers always innovative technologies.

Ionic Development tool

For app development, we have an important experience with IONIC, a framework for creating amazing cross-platform apps for mobile, web and desktop devices, with a shared code base.