The MyMemo System project is an IT platform supporting the Mymemo product of the same name (Pill dispenser). Specifically, we are talking about a mobile application to support the patient, for the control and monitoring of therapies and other information of a clinical nature relating to the patient.

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The request

To develop a complete and multifunctional tool, designed for patients, not only to support the Mymemo device (as a drug dispenser), but also a clinical diary.

The main features:

  • An activity diary, with the ability to record personal and clinical events
  • Management of therapeutic plans
  • A link to your Mymemo device
  • A section on the clinical profile with a printout of your clinical history.

The solution

Given the peculiarity of the service and the reference target (users mainly with an advanced age), the Project required a specific and adequate study of the UX (user experience) and design of the UI (User Interface) of the product.

Our main tasks:

  • drafting of the “personas” or the characteristics of the users of the applications;
  • delimit the field of operation of the application and best convey the primary messages established in the project strategy;
  • definition of the user and the target audience, as a starting point for the study relating to the User Mental Model (i.e. the methodology for analyzing the motivations and mental process of potential users of the product, necessary for defining the structure of the UI);
  • creation of wireframes;
  • identify the look and feel of the app and the creation of the graphic layout of the application, the so-called “sketch”;
  • application development.