Oncotouch è un'applicazione mobile (Apple, Android) a supporto dei pazienti oncologici.

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Corrado Ganis
Solhea is a beautiful reality, young, fresh and dynamic. A team of specialists and professionals always available and close with whom I actively collaborate, for the development of our software solutions.

The request

The platform allows the patient to be in direct connection with their own reference structure, sharing the clinical diary, where the patient will be able to note particular clinical events, analyze their symptoms and make a guided self-assessment of their state of health.

Through the same platform, the patient will be able to manage their home cancer therapy and check the information regarding the chemotherapy cycles.

The solution

This solution offers a mobile platform to support and monitor cancer patients connected to a monitoring center.

Our main tasks:

  • Create wireframes and prototypes to lay the foundation for customer requests that meet all expectations.
  • Work with Agile methodologies to ensure rapid delivery of meaningful functionality for the project.
  • Involve the customer in all processes, giving access to our suite of tools for management from prototypes, documentation and management of activities.
  • Provide the consultant with a view of the user experience to improve the usability of the application itself