siCURO App

siCURO App

A mobile application, connected to the secure platform, to support clinical operators for a constant connection with their clients.

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Prof. Daniele Generali
Chairman of the Board - MEDnoTE s.r.l.
Solhea is a technological partner capable of developing high-quality IT solutions. Competence, professionalism, and a natural availability are the elements that characterize them and that make collaboration simple and profitable. For us, it is an important partnership and it is always a pleasure to work with them.

The request

Create a customized solution for all medical profiles and patients involved by providing specific active support for each role, making your work more efficient and accurate in the healthcare process.

Main features of the app:

  • Requests for second medical opinions to teams of experts in certain specific pathologies.
  • Different medical roles dealing with a single patient.
  • Patient’s medical event log.
  • Surveys to find out the patient’s status.
  • Patient status monitoring with external devices.

The solution

This solution offers a mobile platform for all clinical roles that are part of the safe project.

Our main tasks:

  • Create wireframes and prototypes to lay the foundation for customer requests that meet all expectations.
  • Work with agile methodologies to ensure quick deliveries of meaningful functionality for the project.
  • Involve the customer in all processes, giving access to our suite of tools for management from prototypes, documentation and management of activities.
  • Provide the consultant with the vision of the user experience to improve the usability of the application itself