PROSA is a useful tool for managing organizational Risk Assessment. Since 2015, the ISO standards have focused on the concept of risk and, in particular, on all aspects to be analyzed regarding context analysis, change analysis and process analysis.

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Alessandro Fantini
I met Carlo a few years ago, on the occasion of a collaboration. Today, as well as friends, they are important and active professionals in support of my business.

The request

To develop help for all managers who have to organize a management system and have to do a complete analysis

The main features:

  • FLEXIBLE SWOT – An organizational context analysis tool aimed at all companies for monitoring their quality system.
  • PROCESS ANALYSIS – The easiest way to analyze and weigh the risk of business processes.
  • IMPROVEMENT AND MITIGATION PLANS – A procedure for identifying and monitoring risk enhancement and mitigation plans.

The solution

With its modules, Prosa provides the tools for managing your Risk Assessment. Process management, wherever you are. Prosa is a cross-platform application that works on both desktop and tablet devices.

Our main tasks:

  • Create a responsive web application, usable through normal desktop or tablet browsers.
  • Studying a simple and intuitive user interface, suitable for the required activities.
  • Integrate PayPal and Stripe payment gateways, to guarantee the end user simple and secure payment methods.
  • Manage different profiles in relation to the different payment plans.