A platform that enables the digital transformation of companies through a customisable solution that integrates with the entire enterprise system, both information and organisational.

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The request

Develop middleware, a basic software that connects machines and the production system. The software must communicate with the machines, process data and encode operating instructions using a specific language for each machine.

In order for digital transformation to take place, it is necessary that the machinery used in the production process meets the characteristics of INTERCONNECTION and INTEGRATION with the business system.

Taskada meets these requirements and manages, via a special gateway, the communication (IN/OUT) between machines and the company.

The solution

Thanks to our expertise in analysis techniques and knowledge of IT architectures useful for process re-engineering, we accelerate the evolution towards the intelligent enterprise.

Our main tasks

  • Verification of the current status of the customer’s infrastructure and preliminary analysis of the machinery/goods/service under consideration;
  • Technical analysis in cooperation with machinery manufacturers;
  • Installation of machinery integration and interconnection software;
  • Digitalisation of the production process.