EASYrec makes clear the generational leap from the traditional credit management process to a new concept of management of internal and external procedures. Integration with IT systems in different business contexts is now an indispensable requirement. The flexibility of EASYrec guarantees in this direction a dynamic communication between Creditor and Service. Conceived and developed in collaboration with established companies in the field of credit recovery, EASYrec supports the manager in all 360 ° processes, from processing the file to the fulfillment of administrative obligations.

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Gianluca Rigobello
Management - RECREDIA SRL
"We developed the Easyrec application through Solhea, for the management of all credit recovery processes in the out-of-court phase. Thanks to the expertise of the IT department, it was possible to create an extremely efficient and user-friendly platform. Even today, they prove to be timely and efficient in making changes and additions in line with an ever-faster market. "

The request

Develop a platform to support the out-of-court debt collection process.

The main features:

  • Call center management
  • Generation of written reminders and sending (postal or electronic)
  • Tax Collector
  • Information retrieval
  • Monitoring of activities and operators (internal-external)
  • Archiving
  • Accounting – Invoicing
  • Business Newspaper-Anti-Money Laundering

The solution

With its modules, EasyREC provides the tools for all phases and operators in the out-of-court debt collection process.

Our main tasks:

  • Create a responsive web application, usable through normal desktop or tablet browsers.
  • Studying a simple and intuitive user interface, suitable for the required activities.
  • Integrate the different mailing services.
  • Manage different profiles in relation to the different company roles.