MAGI Clinici – Acceptance

MAGI Clinici – Acceptance

MAGI CLINICI is a platform for the management and monitoring of the request, processing and reporting of samples for the diagnosis and treatment of genetic and rare diseases.

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Mauro Bronco
With pleasure, I write these few words in the name and on behalf of the companies that I represent MAGI GROUP as evidence of the precious collaboration that we have established for years now. We can say that we have found a partner with whom we collaborate as if it were an internal division. Hoping to continue the excellent collaboration established in this way.

The request

Develop a web application, with the aim of managing all phases, from prescription to reporting, of analysis for genetic and rare diseases.

The main features: 

  • The platform must manage requests for analysis, for various diagnostic suspects, manage the collection of information relating to the subject and consent to data processing.
  • The application must manage all stages of the process: acceptance, pre-analytical validation, commissioning, reporting and final validation.
  • The application must manage multi-role and multi-language.
  • The application must integrate with the laboratory LIS.       

The solution

This platform satisfies all process and safety requirements, adapting to the specific needs required.

Our main tasks:

  • The application is web-based, and usable through any type of browser.
  • The application manages different profiles and access levels, with monitoring of accesses and activities for each user.
  • The application guarantees the levels of security necessary to safeguard the information processed.
  • The application integrates, through specific APIs, third-party laboratory platforms.